Recovering by T. Brozell, Sr.


Sitting in the dayroom pondering what the future may hold for me with about forty-three days until the end of my three year bid…There have been some never ending days and long nights not to mention frustrations, depression, aches and pains and a surgery to throw in with all of the above.

Before I write any further I wanna say, “Thank you God above, without you Lord I would have never even came this far.” No way! There are things I still need to work on but I can give myself a pat on the back for fixings a lot of things with me. I’m three years older now, not cripple or blind, drug free no smoking either, with a clear head and looking forward to the next phase in my sixty years on earth.

I plan to keep pushing ahead, stay focused while not dwelling on the past because I have paid my dues. I’m alive and still breathing, is anyone listening? Yes!! I AM Also, I want to give up a huge “thank you” to Christopher for letting me share on this blog and I look forward to many, many more posts to come. Peace


Just five minutes of rage “then awaking in a cage,” after thoughts hit me, my mind whispered telling me to look back then focus on what’s ahead but staying mindful, then starting to fix it as if nothing is going on…

Free yourself for “repair”

Planting both feet no

stairs, reaching backwards

touching simple things pressing

Forward of being the bigger

picture of reality even the

act of process no matter


As a person human rules apply that keep us intact watching out like thunder and lightning, rain then rainbows, breathing oxygen, reaching goals, passing roadblocks and not saying it too many times until we can ride those waves back to purpose.

(Never Ending Poetry)

T. Brozwll, Sr

*Mr. Brozell has been an ongoing writer to this blog. Read more of his work by typing his name in the search function at the top of this page. You may find his bio in the “About Christopher” section.

May God continue to bless you Brozell in your new life as a free man. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life through your poetry over these many months. We are grateful. —Christopher


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