Wind Beneath My Wings


On Friday, 13 November 2020, at 5:04pm I lost my brother and best friend. He had been hospitalized with a resistant bacterial infection that affected his heart, lungs, and blood. By the time doctors had isolated a possible culprit, it was too late. His organs began shutting down, and he lost detectable brain activity. In the end, my family made the decision to remove him from life support and end his suffering.

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The Lives Of Women Behind Bars (Pt.5): Of Girls & Women

It’s an everyday struggle to try to stay on the right path. A lot of people want to try to take you out of character and bring you down to their level. I personally decided that the day I got here, I would refuse to pick up new habits. I have no plans to make a career out of coming to prison. I came here to do my time, to become a better mother, sister and daughter, but most importantly a better person. There are plenty of opportunities to help us better ourselves and to help us to have a brighter future, but so many women are set in their ways. They come to prison and continue to maintain the lifestyle that they had at home, just in a more confined space.

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