The Lives Of Women Behind Bars (Pt.9): County Jail by Felicia

In the post “From County Jail to Prison”  Jennifer (WWRC) (WI) describes what we women go through while incarcerated in a penal system built for men. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your experience and giving other women the courage to tell their own stories.

She and I share a lot of commonalities when it comes to the extended stays we had in county jail. There’s also some differences, which made me want to tell you about my personal

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Criminal Justice & the Prison System: Inside Out

I believe in our system of governance. I think we have the best system in the world, but it has its flaws and shortcomings. All systems do. With regard to the American criminal justice system there are terrible flaws and inefficiencies. I’d venture as far as to say that the system is broken in that it disproportionately punishes the poor and rewards the wealthy. In the United States if you have money and you break the law you are in very good shape. Your probability of being punished is very low for money buys the best lawyers and influence. Continue reading “Criminal Justice & the Prison System: Inside Out”