TUESDAY: Mouse Racing & Social Distancing

img_3174By now, everyone reading this is suffering from the same thing we prisoners are: boredom. Stuck at home with nowhere to go. Everyday I watch stories on television about how people out there are managing their boredom and self-imposed isolations. Some have rediscovered the love of their pets; walking the dog has suddenly become a favorite pasttime. I’ve taken to watching internet videos on television of animals doing the funniest things. Who can tire of seeing puppies and kittens?

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#26: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — Week 2 of Lockdown, and The First Female Voice

This is me and Jade. She’s a high energy shepherd that loves people (but is a tad camera shy). Notice the difference between this photo background and that in this week’s videos.

So ends week two of our COVID-19 lockdown here. A lot has happened in OH since my last post. Those of you who watch the national news already know about the worst case scenario playing out in one of Ohio’s prisons. This is the fear of every inmate across the country and every family member with a loved one doing time.

At my institution, all the tables were recently pulled from the community dayroom areas. Beds were then slid out of the dorms and into the dayrooms in an effort to create 6′ of distance between each bunk. All of us are thankful that this action was taken. It is making the best of a difficult situation. We have no inmate cases here, and all of us breathe a sigh of relief with each passing day.

Also this week, I posted the first essay by a female inmate: J. Fetty. She writes about a topic that weighs heavily on those that must gain release via parole board decision. Her arguments have validity and foundation.

Her essay is the first of several female inmate writers to come. Their stories and thoughts offer a glimpse into what it’s like to be a female prisoner. If you missed Monday’s post The Lives of Women Behind Bars and her essay “How Is 40 Years Not Enough?” you must read them. Women are a suffering minority in This World, but without their voice you cannot ever know the true impact of incarceration.

*Rarely do you ever hear the voices of incarcerated women. But here and now, that shall end. Please share The Lives of Women Behind Bars containing J. Fetty’s essay with others.


#25: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — Incarcerated Women, COVID-19 lockdown Continues

The first Letters From Christopher clock! The letters are hand-crafted and sanded layered craft sticks. The clock body is multi-layered, glued, and sanded with individually stained letters and border. Everything is finished in multiple layers of gloss. Amazing!

So went the first full week of lock down due to COVID-19 concerns. After a difficult start, guys have begun settling in to modified routines. As it stands, we still have no confirmed inmate cases here. It’s in stark contrast to what’s happening elsewhere in the state. I’ve asked myself, Why haven’t we had confirmed cases? What’s so different here than elsewhere?

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The Promise of Psychedelics in Rehabilitation or A Proposed Alternative

The journey of incarceration is about rehabilitation. Those of us incarcerated either discover that our thinking errors are the root cause of our incarceration or choose to discover nothing, instead returning to society unimproved. These are the two outcomes of incarceration. There is no middle.

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