About Christopher

tankMy name is Christopher, and I’m an inmate incarcerated in the state of Ohio. I’m serving time for felony assault on a police officer, and 2020 marks my 25th year behind bars. I’ve been incarcerated for most of my life.

This blog is about what it’s like to be incarcerated in the United States. It’s about punishment and rehabilitation, and it’s about the things that gibber in the darkness and about the redemption of time.

I write these posts because so many of you have asked me what it’s like to be incarcerated. Letters from Christopher is currently visited by readers in 37 countries. All of these posts are composed based upon questions I’ve been asked by friends and strangers alike. You may contact me via the contact option on my page. Feel free to share my posts and to contact me with your thoughts and questions.

I write for you, and I write because there is a story that must be heard.