Freedom Is A State of Mind (Pt. 2) by Felicia

Forward by Christopher

In September I posted “Freedom Is A State Of Mind” about how I handle my time and incarceration. Doing time can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Incarceration is how we choose to see it, and the same is true for how we choose to view life.

My co blogger and best friend in life Felicia, has endured a harder life than most ever will. She has overcome so much. Despite everything she has discovered the same truth I wrote about in “Freedom Is A State Of Mind”.

We believe that our experience can be shared by others in the positive ways we’ve discovered, that my previous letter } “Freedom Is A State Of Mind” and now hers “Freedom Is A State Of Mind (Pt.2)” may help someone who feels trapped in an unhappy existence. Felicia and I live in the most difficult environments one ever could, but we choose freedom over incarceration.



 Freedom Is A State of Mind (Pt.2)
By Felicia

Freedom! What does freedom mean to you?


A person incarcerated -are they in prison or free? As a 33 year old woman doing a long sentence, my answer isn’t so simple. Some here might say “Oh, I’m, not incarerated, I’m free as a bird.” But my question to them would be “Are you really free?” Are you really free from the things that imprison you?

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We’re Not Alone

I don’t watch a lot of television and never have throughout my life. If I did it was the news or a rare movie. But man I love how the times have changed with all the non-Hollywood studios. I’ve fallen in love with a number of series out there, my favorite so far was Game of Thrones. I have no doubt in my mind that I’d binge watch series from time to time if I were home.

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Ohio’s Broken Parole Review Process by T. Poelking

Forward by Christopher

Here in Ohio so called “old law” inmates (sentenced prior to April 1, 1996) and “new law” inmates (those sentenced after that date) serve vastly different amounts of time despite each being charged and convicted of similar crimes. Old law inmates must gain release through parole board decision.

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