Prison To Me (&) The Month Of May by T. Brozell Sr.


I’ve heard guys say that incarceration is a young man’s game. I’ve never liked that saying because it implies that prison is somehow a game. The loss of your freedom, life and liberty could never be a game. Those that look at it that way spend a lifetime returning again and again to prison.

Doing time is hard and there’s constant struggle, but it’s not impossible. Each of us has our own difficulties, and it’s how we choose to view things. There’s wisdom here, and it exists in the words, deeds, and actions of the older crowd. Therefore listen.


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The Gold Star by Christopher

“Would you like a blue star or a gold star?” Ten words spoken to me earlier today by a stranger that I didn’t know but will never forget.

I was standing in the commissary line, a snaking tail of sweating men in what was half functioning air-conditioning. It’s always like this. The air-conditioning I mean. Every year. On the first hot week of the year the air-conditioning is turned on in the commissary building and it NEVER works. And every year there’s surprise and amazement by the very same guys in maintenance that shut it down for the winter and start it back in the Spring.

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Letters to Mom by Justin A.


By Christopher

This is the first fictional work Lettersfromchristopher has ever posted and until it’s arrival into my hands I never really thought about it. About what you ask? About the fact that no one, not a single soul since I created this blog over 3 years ago, chose to take me up on submitting a fictional work. It’s not that those that are

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