#30: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — Week 7 Lockdown: An End in Sight (maybe)

This handkerchief art was created by a convict who divides his time between arts and crafts and training dogs. Anubis is an Egyptian god.

So ends week 7 of our COVID-19 lockdown. No inmate cases–still. I’m beginning to think we might dodge the bullet. Word on the Grape Vine is that we will return to a normal operation on or around June 9th, providing we don’t have any additional staff (or inmate) cases. I’m looking forward to it. Frankly, I think the guys have already returned to normal operations in their minds. I’m seeing less mask wearing and more socializing. It was inevitable. In week 3, Video Fridays In 60 Seconds #27, I predicted that it would only be a matter of time before convicts tired of their digital baby sitters. That time has come. The sunshine and warm weather only sped up the process.

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The First Time Going To Commissary

“I’d heard a lot about commissary. Guys were telling me that it was like shopping at a local grocery, which I found hard to believe. I mean, this was prison, c’mon really? That sounded ridiculous. Guys were always pulling pranks on each other, and this sure sounded like one.”

I had been at reception for a month now. The daily routine involved attending sessions where you were tested and evaluated in order to determine your security level and which institution you would be sent to. There were psychological and IQ evaluations amongst a battery of medical tests and immunizations. Then it was off to dental for examinations and treatment if needed. This is what every inmate goes through at the reception center, and it’s exhausting.

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#28: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — Week 5 Lockdown, and Another COVID-19 Match Lit

“Tennessee Living” is a portrait drawn from a photograph. The man and woman are husband and wife. By Anonymous (OH)

Well, it looks as if we are on ANOTHER two week extension to our COVID lockdown. This week marks week #5. One of the unit managers tested positive for COVID-19 two days ago. It’s a bit frightening because the unit managers interact with us within the housing units daily. Rumor is that both of our nurse practitioners tested positive too, which if true would be bad as they see inmates every day in a small office like room. Don’t know yet, but will write about it when I do. I’m more and more convinced that it’ll be a miracle if COVID-19 doesn’t eventually rip through here.