MaCI (Madison Correctional Institution)

WTSP (West Tennessee State Penitentiary)

TPW (Tennessee Prison for Women)

NHCW (New Hampshire Correctional for Women)

WHV (Women’s Huron Valley)

SOCF (Southern Ohio Correctional Facility)

TCI (Taycheedah Correctional Institution)

SDWP (South Dakota Womens Prison)

DCI (Dayton Correctional Institution)

NCCI (North Central Correctional Institution)

ORW (Ohio Reformatory for Women)

CCCF (Coffee Creek Correctional Facility)

MCF (MCF Shakopee)

LVCF (La Vista Correctional Facility)

DWCF (Denver Womens Correctional Facility)

EMCF (Edna Manon Correctional Facility for Women)





Monsters Exist

Rehabilitation & Punishment

How We Choose to See the World

What It’s Like To Be Incarcerated

The Quality of Your Thoughts

They’re Your Friends and Neighbors

Wrongful Convictions

Watching Children Grow Up In Prison

The Director of Ohio Prisons


Cry Baby, Santa, and the Easter Bunny


Angels Among Us

Dr. Q

Who Do You Love?

A Conversation With Bubba

I Haven’t Killed Anyone Yet

Hotel California

GroundHog Day

My Day With Kyzer

A Cat Called Bump

The First Day

“So it was, so it is, and so it will be”

It Is What It Is

16 and Forever (*)

The First Fight

Ivory Soap Eagles and Hummingbirds

He Would Have Lived

First Time Grapevine

Captured Clientele

For The Love of Dog

The First Visit

Prison Hustles Make the World Go Round

Peck, Peck, Pecking Order

Inmates Should Have Access To Higher Education

3 Great Questions

Grieving In Fast Forward

Same Old Song and Dance

The First Cellmate

Visiting Your Children While Incarcerated

Ryleigh Payne — An Angel Returns Home

“I’m D.E. A Sex Offender” (*)

Happy Holidays!

Why Your Letters Matter




When I Fail

The First Time Going To Medical

Enforcing a Red Line

Are You Being Served?

What Is Happening With the World

Are You Being Served? (Pt. 2)

An Unpopular Path, but The Right Thing To Do

Coronavirus Pandemic Is Here

Coronavirus: What World Governements Know and Aren’t


Monday: Training Murphy, and A Perv Strikes

Coronavirus: Why We Are 3 Weeks Behind Italy

Letters From Christopher Turns 1 Today!

Coronavirus: The Darkest Days Are Coming

Two Cats and A Prison Yard

The First Major Lockdown

The Promise of Psychedelics In Rehabilitation and A

Proposed Alternative (By Scott Quimby, Ph.D)

The Lives of Women Behind Bars (Pt. 1) (By J. Fetty, ORW


Tuesday: Mouse Racing and Social Distancing

Wednesday: La Isla Bonita

The First Time Going To Commissary

Thursday: Religion Is The Smile On A Dog

Friday: Moonwalking With Einstein

Are You Being Served? (Pt. 3) Pen Pal Ministries

Saturday: If I Could Save Time In A Bottle

Sunday: “Christopher, I know I’ll die in prison.”

The Lives of Women Behind Bars (Pt. 2): COVID-19 & Doing

Time. (By Wendy, CCCF, OR; Michelle, MCF Shakopee

MN; Melissa, SDWP, SD; Brandy, DCI, OH)*

The Lives of Women Behind Bars (Pt. 3): An Essay By A

First Time Offender (By Brandy, DCI, OH)*

The First Hole Shot

Coronavirus: A Letter of Worry

This Land Is Your Land (By Underdog, MaCI, OH)*

Nowhere To Go But Up (By Justin A., MaCI, OH)*

PTSD and Justice (By L.R., MaCI, OH)*

“Feed me Seymour. Feed Me!”

Video Friday Temporarily Ends

Please Wash The Towels

Inmate VS Convict or The Prison(er) Mentality (By Justin A.,

MaCI, OH)*

The Week The Apocalypse Arrived

The Lives of Women Behind Bars (Pt. 4): The Daily Struggles

(By Tara, ORW (OH)*

I Survived The Apocalypse

The Lives of Women Behind Bars (Pt. 5): Of Girls &

Women (By Felicia, ORW, OH)*

To Ponder (By Victoria, WHV MI)*

To My Brother, Always My Little Brother

Wind Beneath My Wings

Thanksgiving Day

What It’s Like to Be Disabled While Incarcerated (By

Dorothieann Werstler, ORW, OH)*

Prisoners Do Need Covid Stimulus Checks

Christmas In Prison (By Felicia, ORW, OH)*




A New Year In Prison

Love & Prison…Do They Belong In the Same Sentence?

(By Felicia, ORW, OH)*

Love & Prison…Do They Belong In the Same Sentence?

(By Christopher)

Near Death Experiences, (By Scott Quimby, Ph.D)*

Valentine’s Day 2/14/21: Love, Covid, Life

Of Mice and Men

The Thunder of Silence (By Felicia, ORW, OH)*

The Lives of Women Behind Bars (Pt. 6): From County

Jail To Prison (By Jennifer, TCI, WI)*

My First and Only Time Being Arrested (By Felicia, ORW, OH)*

I Got Covid Vaccinated!

Ohio Prisoners Lose Earned Credit Due To Covid (By Tara

Snyder, ORW, OH)

The Lives of Women Behind Bars (Pt. 7): Poetry (By

Victoria, WHV, MI; Jennifer, TCI, WI)*

The Lives of Women Behind Bars (Pt. 8): Brutally Honest

(By Felicia, ORW, OH)*

“The fleetest beast to bear you to perfection is suffering”

I Found Love While Being Recorded and Monitored (By

Felicia, ORW, OH)*

Happy Father’s Day (By Felicia, ORW, OH)*


Rehabilitation Isn’t A Dirty Word

We’re Free Again

I’m Sorry My Son (By Felicia, ORW, OH)*

Prison (By Kyle, SOCF, OH)*

The First Day In County Jail

What Goes Around Comes Around (By Underdog, MaCI, OH)

The First Year Without My Dad By Ashleigh

“Freedom Is A State Of Mind”

I Am The Library Guy by Underdog

Sugar & Spice (PT 1): Mean Girls by Jennifer                                               September 29, 2021

Fist Fights by Tara Snyder                                                                   October 6, 2021

Sugar & Spice (Pt 3): Revenge by Felicia                                         October 13, 2021

Criminal Justice & the Prison System: Inside Out                        October 21, 2021

The Lives Of Women Behind Bars (Pt 9): County Jail by Felicia October 27, 2021

The Time Line                                                                                     November 10, 2021

Inmates with Indeterminate Sentences in Ohio                            November 19, 2021

Ear Hustles & Random Thoughts                                                  November 24, 2021

Till Death Do Us Part                                                         December 7, 2021

Ohio’s Broken Parole Review Process                           December 15, 2021