The Integrity of Grievance Procedures by Christopher


At every prison in the country prisoners have access to a grievance procedure intended to help them resolve issues arising between themselves and staff at their facility. This procedure varies from state to state but is designed based upon the laws of the state with which the institution resides. It’s then codified within a set of administrative rules promulgated by the department of corrections.

Most prisoners don’t know how to use the grievance procedure. If you have a loved one that’s incarcerated it’s important they seek out and learn the policies of the department of corrections and specifically the grievance procedure. When I began my sentence, I was fortunate that my peers

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Criminal Justice & the Prison System: Inside Out

I believe in our system of governance. I think we have the best system in the world, but it has its flaws and shortcomings. All systems do. With regard to the American criminal justice system there are terrible flaws and inefficiencies. I’d venture as far as to say that the system is broken in that it disproportionately punishes the poor and rewards the wealthy. In the United States if you have money and you break the law you are in very good shape. Your probability of being punished is very low for money buys the best lawyers and influence. Continue reading “Criminal Justice & the Prison System: Inside Out”

Rehabilitation Isn’t A Dirty Word

I watch guys continually come and go. Pulling 6-18 month sentences in a lifelong string of short prison stints. The great revolving door of American incarceration. It bothers me to see men stuck in criminal mindsets because of a system failing miserably at rehabilitation.

Every day I hear men yelling at wives and girlfriends on the phone because they won’t or can’t send them money, all so they can continue chasing that next high. Drugs are plentiful here. These men don’t belong in prison they belong in drug treatment programs.

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OH Prisoners Lose Earned Credit Due to Covid

Forward By Christopher
Open Letter By Tara Snyder #102660 (ORW) (OH)



I normally avoid policy issues, but the issue that Tara Snyder, a female prisoner in OH, brings attention to here today is important to inmates and their families.

At the heart of her open letter is the loss of what is known as “earned credit”. Earned credit is the ability of OH inmates to receive a reduction in their sentences for attending certain self-help programs, schooling, and participating in other positive rehabilitative efforts. Earned credit is a driving incentive to OH prisoners to take their time seriously, and to pursue a constructive path.

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