Happy Holidays!

I wish all of you a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year! I will be back next week with a new Video Fridays in Sixty Seconds. In the mean time, I’m gonna relax and watch the ball fall in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Be safe, be happy, and do drink some egg nog for me!


“I’m D.E., a Sex Offender”

image credit: Steve Johnson

In the world of addictions, seldomly do we seriously consider sex an addiction. The term “addictions” tends to conjure up thoughts of drugs or alcohol, but addictions span so much more than that. We can be addicted to just about anything. Some of us are addicted to the Internet and social media, while others are addicted to more ‘traditional’ vices.

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#9: Video Fridays in Sixty Seconds — Christmas, Political Drama, and Angel Tree

Ah, the week before Christmas! This week was your typical end of year holiday week around here. There are cheerful guys and frumpy ones, mopey guys and suspiciously happy ones. The guys that are happy are easy to spot, the suspiciously happy even more so (they’re UNUSUALLY chatty). As for the guys that are frumpy and mopey? That’s another story. (I wrote a little about these in my holiday post Cry Baby, Santa and the Easter Bunny). Needless to say, I drew a wide path around the chaos. Does it faze me? Nah. The holidays here are what you choose them to be. I choose zen.

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Ryleigh Payne — An Angel Returns Home


Ask children if God exists and you’ll get unanimous affirmation. Children don’t question this because it’s so obvious to them. Why is this? It’s because children are naturally attuned to God and the Angels. Jesus said, “Suffer little children to come to me,for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to these.” It’s not until we grow older, where the world has had the time to sink its claws into us, that we begin to doubt this.

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