Please Wash The Towels

Back in the day, as we old schoolers like to say, you could have food packages sent to you directly from home. We could receive anything friends or family purchased at the local supermarket, from canned goods to freshly baked donuts and cake. This last item often

elicited good humor from the guys, such as “That cake doesn’t have a hacksaw middle does it?” *wink-wink* I always found this to be humorous because it’s a stereo type pulled from Hollywood movies or prison lore. Nowadays, every package entering a facility is x-rayed, opened, thoroughly searched and scrutinized, and then handed to you one item at a time. Good luck on that ‘special’ cake.

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Video Fridays Temporarily Ends


I’ve  had a lot of fun recording videos every week and letting you all know what’s going on behind these razor wire fences. Unfortunately, I I have to take a break from Friday videos due to unforeseen circumstances.

I will return to weekly videos at the first opportunity. In the meantiime take a look at some of the previous postings. You can find them easily using the search bar above. All of them are chronologically numbered. Thank you for following, It means a lot to me.