Parenting From Prison by Tara Snyder

Parenting From Prison
By Tara Snyder


Parenting from prison is the hardest thing to do. I admire my friends who endure in the face of this type of adversity.

Tara Snyder was once incarcerated at the Ohio Reformatory for Women. This essay was originally posted to her blog and many months ago she told me I could repost it here for you.

I’ve since lost contact with her, and it leaves a hole in my heart for she’s an amazing writer and a beautiful human being. I’m certain that whatever she’s doing and wherever she is now she is positively impacting those who know her.


Parenting From Prison

If you asked any one of the 3,000 plus people on my Facebook what I loved most in my life, I’d like to assume most of them would say my three children. I loved being a mom. And, although I still am and will always be their mother, prison has taken away the title of being a “Mom,” in my opinion.

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Against the Grain by Ashleigh Smith

Michigan Department of Corrections has truth in sentencing. What that means in reality is that you will be incarcerated for every single day on the front of your sentence (for me that equates to 18 years on my 18-50) before the state will even consider you for parole. The darker, underlying truth lurking below the surface that takes first hand experience is, well I believe Dante said it best at the gates of Purgatory “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”.

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