Featured below is a collection of the images of inmate art and craftwork that appear throughout Letters from Christopher blog posts.

“Girl and Boy,” By (OH) Anonymous. The children are the daughter and son of an inmate on his first year of a ten year sentence.
“Man and Girl,” By OH Anonymous, is a fine pencil portrait taken from a visitation photo. The man in the photo is serving a life sentence. He is hugging the love of his life.
“Warrior On The Clouds,” By Ohio Anonymous
ARTWORK: “Who’s That Girl?” By (OH) Anonymous, is a pencil work from a photograph of the niece of a convict serving time in Ohio.

This custom clock is hand made from craft sticks!
Even jewelry boxes can have bling! Handcrafted from popsicle sticks, convict approved.
Dream catcher, by Michelle (MN) MCF Shakopee

*More to come soon!