#12: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — An Amazing Glowing Butterfly, and Other Cool Stuff

I know I’ve said this before, but the talent around here is amazing. Some guys are skilled writers or artists, while others are adept at creating unique and interesting craft items. In my post “Prison Hustles Make The World Go Round” I showed you a video of an amazing hand crafted wooden Harley Motorcycle. I also showed you an example of a unique craft item, a small wishing well.

Today I want to show you more great inmate made crafts. One of the guys here knitted these mittens, scarf, and hats for his niece:

In the past he has made full size blankets and numerous custom knitted sports themed embroidery. It’s a hustle for him, because he sells his crafts to visitors by displaying them in the lobby through the craft program here, and it’s how he passes his time.

Check out this amazing painted wooden butterfly:

Look at those eyes! The paint even glows in the dark when you cut the lights off. So cool. Every craft item this fellow makes is one-of-a-kind and he never duplicates or sells them. Believe me, I’ve tried to convince him otherwise because I’d love to own some of his work.

Before I close, I want to show you pics of this collage that a buddy of mine is drawing. It’s for a Navy S.E.A.L. friend of his, and it is to commemorate the death of another S.E.A.L. who was killed in action.

He’s not done just yet, and I’ll show you all more in Video Fridays as he continues to complete the drawing.

*I give all of you a heartfelt thank you for returning again and again to read my posts. This week Letters from Christopher reached a new milestone, drawing readers from 34 countries. Please continue to share these posts with family and friends. Thank you!


10 thoughts on “#12: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — An Amazing Glowing Butterfly, and Other Cool Stuff

  1. Marija

    That sewing is wonderful! Wish I could buy some of those things, but I am too far away. And that little house and butterfly are also beautiful. People are always more strong, creative and hard working than they think they are. That picture with a pencil, I like how angel is supporting the soldier…

    1. Hi Marija, aren’t these crafts great! Every week in Video Fridays I’ll try to show a little more of these amazing crafts. I would like to send you a hand drawn greeting card and a hand made cloth neckless and cross that some of the guys made for you for free. If this is okay, contact me through the contact page on my site with a mailing address or perhaps let Beth know and I can send to her for you at Christian Pen Pals ministry here in the States. 🙂


      1. Marija

        Hi Christopher! I truly thank you all for being so thoughtful, it touched me. If you wish so, you can send it to Beth or to my friend in Minnesota who also writes to inmates, maybe what is more close to you. I will be happy to see more crafts! I also love creative work like making cards, lavander bags, christmas decorations, decoupage, but I would like to learn to crochet and to make myself a veil for church on Sunday.
        This will be the first hand drawn greeting card that I get because I only talk to my friends in prison through e-mail, actually JPay and one through Corrlinks.
        I hope you have a nice day and God bless you,

      2. Hi Marija, I’ll send the crafts to Beth and then she can get them to you. It may take a couple of weeks. You are going to love these! They’re awesome. I like to collect crafts from the guys every so often. I have some very nice handcrafted Harley Davidson motorcycles like the one I showed in “Prison Hustles Make the World Go Round”. I think it’s cool you make crafts, too. Also, you can write me through JPay if you would like, but you’ll have to ask Beth for my inmate number. Happiness to you Marija.

  2. Tabea Nussbaumer

    Hi Christopher
    All those crafts are beautiful. The glowing butterfly is unique. I like the knitting and all the drawings . Inmates are so gifted with talents and it’s nice when you use those talents that God gave to each one
    God bless you !

    1. Tabea, thank you for the compliments on the crafts. I let the guys know and they said thank you. We are wondering, can we send you a small craft item? The guys made some awesome cloth crosses and necklaces, and I would like to give you one. l also want to send you a hand drawn card. Are you with CPP? If so I can send to Beth and she can forward to you or you can email my administrator a mailing address through the contact page on the site. Thank you Tabea for the compliments, it made the guys feel good.
      Love and happiness

      1. Tabea Nussbaumer

        Hi Christopher
        Thank you so much that would be very nice 🙂 Those gifts are very special treasures . Yes I’m CPP too so you can send it to Beth or to me whatever is cheaper . My address is Tabea Nussbaumer Box 1554, International Falls , Minnesota, 56649
        Thank you and God bless you all.
        You are in my prayers

  3. Christopher, yes, both these sweet sisters are with Christian Pen Pals. I am in touch with Maria by email too. I was asking about something we can post for you to share our need more additional Christian pen pals. We have many inmates writing asking for help to have a mentor or friend to walk along side. God bless you! Beth

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