Are You Being Served? (Part 2)


In my last post about inmate service companies (see Are You Being Served?), I introduced you to a handful of small companies catering to the specific needs of inmates. This week in the series I’m introducing you to some of the large players involved. The most prominent of these large companies are Global Tel Link (GTL), CorrLinks, and JPay. Each company contracts with dozens of states providing electronic services to prisoners in state and federal facilities. I first mentioned these three companies in my 9/23/19 post Captured Clientele.

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#15: Video Fridays in Sixty Seconds — The End of Days?

I have diverse interests from astronomy to biology, and I like to ponder a wide range of topics as a matter of curiosity. Having time like I do, it’s one of the rare luxuries of incarceration. So the conversation that erupted amongst the guys (see this Monday’s post What Is Happening With the World?) piqued my interest for its thought provoking aspects, and the arguable truths behind the perception that society is in many ways worse off than 25 years ago. Which argument is right? It’s a consideration that strikes at the heart of the world’s societal systems. Is one system better than all others even if that system spawns random evils like school shootings or terror attacks? Or is the societal system that suppresses its people, but doesn’t have to deal with religious hatred, school shootings or stabbings because of one’s race somehow better? I’m sure there’s a professor of philosophy out there who would love to torture his students with such a mind bending consideration.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question “Are we really better off today than 25 years ago?” It’s a matter of opinion. Yet I imagine the older generation will say we’re worse off, and the younger generation would say we’re better off. I argue that it’s all irrelevant. We’re all part of the same family and we’re in this together. Things are how we choose to see them.

Always has been.

Always will be.

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What Is Happening With the World?

image credit: Mike Davis*

Today my mind is filled with the random thoughts of time. It’s one of those things you periodically think about when you are incarcerated, but I don’t imagine this comes as a surprise to any of you? So here we are in 2020. Wow, had someone asked me in 1990 what the year 2020 would look like I’d’ve said, “Buddy, we’ll be lucky to make it to the year 2000 let alone 2020.”

Yet, here we are.

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