We’re Not Alone

I don’t watch a lot of television and never have throughout my life. If I did it was the news or a rare movie. But man I love how the times have changed with all the non-Hollywood studios. I’ve fallen in love with a number of series out there, my favorite so far was Game of Thrones. I have no doubt in my mind that I’d binge watch series from time to time if I were home.

Anyhow, I love the History channel’s Pawn Stars, Street Outlaws, The Unexplained and The Curse of Oak Island. However, my favorite series by far is Ancient Aliens. Are any of you familiar with this one? A series dedicated to exploring the UFO phenomenon by taking a wide angle look at it throughout time.

I’ve never doubted that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe. Even as a child I concluded that it seems incomprehensible that we are the only game in town. The universe is too big and too vast, and mathematically it’s a certainty that intelligent life not only exists, but exists in vast numbers. As an adult, I don’t even question these things anymore. Anyone who has taken the time to see for themselves, to objectively question the past and present data at worst comes away concluding that something is going on. At best they arrive where I have. Intelligent life is visiting us and has been for millennia.

I spent a number of years researching the UFO phenomenon. I’m familiar with every major UFO event of the last 2000 years, certainly every one since the modern era began. I’m also familiar with so many of the ‘minor’ events that most people know nothing of. For most people the Roswell crash is where it all began or the government’s release of 2017, and 2018 military footage of likely alien craft tracked by fighter pilots and the Navy itself. Of course, the phenomenon has been going on for millennia and didn’t start in 1947.

Add to this that worldwide UFO sightings are being witnessed by more people than ever before. It’s not just because more people are aware and open to this possibility, but because we are in the midst of the greatest UFO flap in history. These things are appearing everywhere around the world and in great numbers. But why?

It seems to me that there is a campaign underway by the U.S. government to acclimate us to the probability that intelligent life not only exists but is here right now this second. That alien craft are operating in our skies and that we (the government) has known this for years. And now, for whatever reason, this government which has denied UFOs exist for the past 70 years, is singing a different tune. But why?

The U.S. government isn’t trailblazing. World governments have openly presented and encouraged public discourse into the UFO phenomenon for years. Nations from Mexico down through South America have openly encouraged their citizens to consider what is happening and have done so since the 1970’s. The Italians are so familiar with the UFO phenomenon that sightings regularly make the news and are reported on with eager investigation. The same is true in Spain, China, Japan, Korea, Russia etc. African nations have always approached UFO sightings and reports with open inquiry and thought. It’s only the U.S. government that has denied, denied, denied. But that recently changed.

So what’s going on? Why has the world’s most powerful government changed its tune? Why are sightings exploding around the world? To answer the first question, What’s going on? I think the answer is that an ‘information’ campaign is underway. A campaign similar to how our security services would influence the populace of other nations during great geopolitical events. Except the target of this information is us and the rest of the world. I think this campaign is designed to desensitize us to the truth that aliens exist and are here. Why has the government changed its tune? I think our government knows something is about to happen that they can no longer deny nor control. I think we’re leading up to a disclosure event. An event that will change our lives. And to answer the last question, ‘Why are sightings exploding around the world?’ It’s happening because these craft are operating in our skies with frequency and in numbers that they haven’t since the modern era began. Something has changed. Everything has become very active.

There’s so much I could say on the phenomenon, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll simply say that someone or multiple someone’s have taken a keen interest in humanity. Their interest has existed for hundreds if not thousands of years, and it appears to center around our wellbeing, the planet’s wellbeing and our genetics.

On the subject of genetics, there are prominent genome scientists who believe that human DNA was explicably altered tens of thousands of years ago in ways beyond random chance. Quite a statement when you think about it. And some scientists are actively searching our DNA for messages from an extraterrestrial race. Such a notion would’ve laughed any scientist out of town just 20 years ago.

Here’s a curious fact, the United States recently created a new branch to the military called the Space Force. Why do we need a Space Force? What does the government know that we don’t?

Whether you believe in the phenomenon or not is irrelevant. It exists. It’s ongoing. It’s real. And it’s coming to a head. So exciting!


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8 thoughts on “We’re Not Alone

  1. Rosina

    Hi Chris, Do you remember where I used to work? I worked with the man that put the bodies from the Roswell crash in their final resting place. When we back to family days, I will have to tell you. You will be surprised.


    Refreshing that my Google search should bring me here.There’s more to our history than what we’ve been taught. I’m a fan of Zechariah Sitchin and Eric von Daniken’s work and I also watch Ancient Aliens.

  3. Frivolous Squirrel

    Christopher you have a wide range of interests! This letter is a pleasant surprise😱I watch History Channel and the AA series. I agree 💯 that something is close 🌊♍️ but what? When? Why?

  4. FatNinjaJim

    Interesting that the USG is acknowledging the possibility of UFOs so recently after they created US Space Force, a military force dedicated to the space warfighting domain. Their charter isn’t just about satellites and space junk, but they also have a mandate to explore. It’s Star Trek coming to fruition.

  5. Jennifer Loves Paris

    FatNinjaJim I love that “FatNinjaJim”. Yeah why do we need a space force anyway? A mandate to explore makes me think that language was inserted to have access to funds and resources for something that already exists that we (the public)don’t know about.🤔

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