TUESDAY: Mouse Racing & Social Distancing

img_3174By now, everyone reading this is suffering from the same thing we prisoners are: boredom. Stuck at home with nowhere to go. Everyday I watch stories on television about how people out there are managing their boredom and self-imposed isolations. Some have rediscovered the love of their pets; walking the dog has suddenly become a favorite pasttime. I’ve taken to watching internet videos on television of animals doing the funniest things. Who can tire of seeing puppies and kittens?

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MONDAY: Training Murphy, and A Perv Strikes

Early this morning– Sometime before the birds wake I find myself sitting up in bed. Man that was a shitty dream. Something about tornadoes and volcanoes suddenly appearing out of nowhere. What the hell is that all about? Looking around the dorm and it’s peacefully quiet. It’s still very early and almost everyone is asleep except for the usual suspects. I make my way down the long aisle to the bathroom because I need to take a leak. My cube is located at the farthest distance away from the bathroom as possible because I am in a dog cube (as I am a dog trainer and handler in the staff dog program). The location of my cube is a blessing really, because I have the entire corner to myself and it’s traffic free. No one has any business being there except for myself and my cubemates. It’s a curse because by the time I return I’ll be half awake having walked all over tarnation. Thankfully I get back to sleep. **

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