Good one, JPay.

Hey there everyone, the Administrator here. This is one of those lovely weeks when a regular Monday post written by Christopher has been lost in JPay limbo. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s a blurb from the last note I left here following the same situation:

Christopher sends his blog posts to me via JPay email (this company is mentioned in one of his more recent posts, Captured Clientele), and I then put them up on the page and hit ‘publish’ every Monday. However, though I’ve received word that this week’s post was indeed sent days ago, I have yet to receive it (it was even re-sent, to no avail). This is a frequent issue with JPay email. Days — even weeks – will sometimes pass before an email is delivered. This illustrates well what Christopher speaks of in the above mentioned post regarding the service.

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Coronavirus: A Letter Of Worry

Well, it looks as if our beautiful island isn’t going to dodge the Coronavirus Death March after all. For the past several months I’ve blogged about how my Ohio facility has remained an odd oasis in a sea of pandemic. I’ve watched the world outside slowly contort and twist upon itself as the virus has slayed its way across the planet. All of us here have watched apprehensively as several Ohio prisons exploded into worse case scenarios.

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Are You Being Served? (Part 3): Pen Pal Ministries

Before the global pandemic upended our daily lives, I posted Are You Being Served and Are You Being Served? (Part 2), the first two posts in a series about inmate service companies and organizations. Many of these organizations are small sole proprietorships. Some are small groups comprised of former prisoners or family members of those incarcerated.

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