#3: Video Friday’s in 60 Seconds — Part One of My Book; JPay Drops Fees for Public Domain Works

I’m currently writing a multi-volume criminal justice series concerning rehabilitation. The first work in the series is titled “By Unfair Means: A Look at the Ways of the Offender,” and is geared toward the criminal justice student and those working institutional and community corrections. The thesis behind volume one is that staff play a defining role in steering offenders toward the path of rehabilitation, and in order to do this, they must first understand how offenders see the world. By Unfair Means outlines a path for staff in helping offenders to discover the path of rehabilitation. Today I’ve posted the first part of my book here for you.

Also, this week JPay unexpectedly announced that they’re no longer charging for the “e-books” they offer. These ‘books’ are public domain works that JPay was pulling off the Internet and then selling to inmates. It appears my September 23 post Captured Clientele may have forced a change in their policy.

Thanks to Mowery for the question, and I’m sorry it took so long to get By Unfair Means posted. Working from This World is very challenging, and if it were not for my friends and family this blog would not exist! Please like and share these posts with everyone, and thank you all for following.


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