#4: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — JPay Video Services, Rehabilitation in Ohio, and Time

Under the current Ohio DRC director, a number of efforts have been made to push rehabilitation. The electronic services I have access to are a direct result of this push, and by far I see these services as beneficial and positive. I record “Video Friday’s In 60 Seconds” videos using a JPay 30 second video option while sitting at a dedicated JPay owned kiosk. I find their video services to be their best services and am thankful they offer it.

Years ago the notion of limited internet access for inmates in OH was unthinkable. Thankfully times have changed, and Ohio is now at the forefront of these rehabilitative services. Because of this, I am able to bring you these videos and to write about incarceration every week.

The tables you saw in the background of these videos are part of the community area. Guys spend time at the tables making arts and crafts (as in my post Ivory Soap Eagles and Hummingbirds), playing games, writing, eating, or otherwise passing the time.

I wrote a number of these posts, such as 16 & Forever, Prison Hustles Make the World Go Round, and The Director of Ohio Prisons, while sitting at one of those tables with my 7″ JPay tablet. This wouldn’t be possible if it were not for the administrators here providing an atmosphere that encourages you to pursue constructive projects. It’s all part of the rehabilitative push in Ohio corrections, and it’s something most guys and I appreciate.

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