#16: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — 28 Days Later, and The Jerry Springer Effect

Monday’s post Are You Being Served? (Part 2) was the second in the inmate services series. I covered in detail 3 major inmate services companies in the United States. The benefits each provides in lessening the burden of incarceration are tangible, and one’s experience with each company varies widely. I recounted mine.

In part three of the series I’ll return to the discussion and introduction of other small players in the field, and will take a closer look at several of these amazing companies. Throughout the year I will post several more times in the series, covering for you in real time my experience with a number of pen-pal services and companies I’ve tasked to assist me with custom needs.

Also, this week I present to you a new guest writer who goes by the pen name Underdog. This is Underdog’s 31st year of incarceration. He writes about his view of today’s society, and echoes my recent post What Is Happening With the World? Read his essay, The Jerry Springer Effect now.

So there you have it. You now know what has been on my mind. Next week I’ll post a new guest writing by one of America’s thousands of incarcerated juveniles. This writer has been incarcerated in an adult prison since the age of 16. Get a jump start on juveniles in prison by reading 16 and Forever, but be sure to have plenty of tissue on hand.

*Inmate service companies are a godsend. If you missed it, read the first post in the series titled Are You Being Served?, or discover more about other major players in the space in Captured Clientele.

Love and happiness to all of you.