#29: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — Week 6 Lockdown, Sick Inmates

Even jewelry boxes can have bling! Handcrafted from popsicle sticks, convict approved.

Another Ohio prison explodes in COVID-19 cases, and the prisoner and staff death toll rises. Cases in our prisons have yet to peak.

Several staff here are out with COVID-19, and this week a couple guys were pulled from my dorm and isolated. A few guys are coughing around me. Every morning our temperatures are taken, and the routine has become like the deathly ticking of a loud clock. It’s unsettling.

You’ll notice that the background behind me has changed a bit. The men who were sleeping in the dayroom overflow bunks have gone to occupy beds in the dorms, and the dayroom overflow bunks will remain open to receive the first batch of inmates from reception. Not rain, snow, nor COVID-19 can stop the revolving door of incarceration from spinning onward.

*The situation of inmates in OH isn’t unique. Prison overcrowding across the country is costing real lives as I write. Please, share this with others.

3 thoughts on “#29: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — Week 6 Lockdown, Sick Inmates

  1. I realize that you are confined and are waiting for the next shoe to drop. so you think you got issues? Try this on for size

    The elderly housing unit we live in is something like yours. We live behind guarded walls, Have controlled access, Need a picture ID card to go anywhere. Get our food dropped off at the doorstep, and everybody goes around with a mask on. At least you have Staff come to work even if they are a problem. Our Staff quit, we are on our own.

    The UPS guys doesn’t speak English and he leaves packages in the garage not on the front steps. It takes an extra day just to find them. The trash man is an undocumented escapee who wont look at you, consequently he gets the trash pick-up wrong and you end up with your neighbor’s trash can, which is usually smaller than yours. Try getting yours back.

    Your neighbor who was always a hug and hand shaker, now stays 10 feet away from you because he’s usually to old to know what 6 feet is. People try to talk to each other from one sidewalk to the other, across the street and are usually drowned out by their yapping little dog.

    You think you got troubles, try being a senior citizen during the Pandemic.

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