#31: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — “Please, I can’t breathe. You are killing me.”

This drawing was done by a convict serving time for murder in Ohio. He’s an exceptional tattoo artist that passes his time creating amazing arts and craft items.

As I write, I am watching the protests and looting in cities across the country over the police killing of 46 year old George Floyd, in Minneapolis, MN. I hear the voices and see the reactions of my peers over Floyd’s death, and theirs is a mix of anger and frustration.

When I see the video of Floyd’s murder I am saddened. These protests are the collective voice of people who are fed up with being fed up. They’re the voices of those who are tired of being afraid.

Peaceful protest should be allowed, and it’s an American right. Those resorting to violence must be stopped from hijacking this moment. I live amongst those who are frustrated and fed up, and this is a defining moment for our country.

It’s heartening to see law enforcement standing with protestors in city after city. It’s an honest acknowledgement that change is needed.

This is a moment in American history that will define a generation to come. If our elected officials ignore the voice of the people, then the future is dark for our nation. Until these voices are taken seriously there can be no understanding or change. Violence is NOT the answer, but peaceful civil protest is, for however long it must take. Now is the time to engage in this dialogue.


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