#32: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — Lockdown Ends, and Pen Pal Ministries

A pack of wolves. By A Wolf Lover.

This week our COVID-19 lockdown ended and we’ve returned to semi-normal operations here. Many of the departments that were closed have reopened, and guys are happy to get moving again. Of course, nothing is really back to “normal” in the sense that we remember. The ‘new normal’ (as clichéd as that phrase has become) is a world where we’re still restricted in some of our movements, and everyone still wears masks. Don’t get me wrong, I really AM thankful. After the last 8 weeks, our new normal is awesome.

On Monday, I posted the third installment in the inmate services series Are You Being Served? In it I introduced you to nonprofit organizations ministering to inmates through pen pal and Bible study services.

Christian Pen Pal ministries (CPP) is a nonprofit reaching out to lonely inmates for more than 22 years. They’re in desperate need of free world Christian Pen Pal volunteers. Through pen pal volunteers, CPP helps lift the spirits of sad and depressed inmates who have no one to write, all the while ministering the gospel of Christ.

If you would like to become a pen pal volunteer and change the life of someone who has given up hope, go to cppministry.com to register and to learn more.

*Volunteer to help others, and make a difference in someone’s life. There is no more joy in life than being able to bring joy to someone else.

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