To Ponder by Victoria

To Ponder   

What builds you up?
What tears you down?
Where is our courage when we sit somewhat astound?
Taking in the various elements on noise and meaningless chatter. At moments it makes me think, what truly does matter?

Behind these walls is a great deal of sorrow. Though I have taken my own and made a better tomorrow. So why do I doubt myself some days?
Honestly, because I feel pain lost in a changing maze. Deep inside I yearn to be cared for. Yet at the same time I just want to slam the damn door. Shut everyone out who acts like they care. I get hurt in the end; it’s just not fair.
I force myself to think of all the pain I have endured through the years. The many emotions shed, lost with my tears. I’ve come to accept the past and brutally realize that this too shall pass.
My past does no define who I am or what I will be. In the end the choice is truly up to me.
I want more out of life even if it was conjured up by my own strife.
If the lessons were not hard I would not have learned. Though it still hurts to know all the bridges I’ve burned.
I’m now out of my shell. Ripping the gates off of my own hell. Yes, I put myself there but that was the past. My intentions are now to make a life that will last.
At the end of the day we need to remember everything will turn out to be okay. But why is it hard when daily we are reminded by our old scars?

W.H.V. (MI)

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    1. Kristi Snyder

      I am so overwhelmed by John flying away… how can this be?? I know everyone is just crying and crying like I am. Please know that I am thinking of you, Chris, and praying for comfort. ❤️

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