I Am The Library Guy by Underdog


Before I came to work with the dogs here in the Staff Dogs program I worked in the prison library. It was the only place one could go to find a glimmer of peace and quiet. I used to go there to read and write, and it was only natural that I’d seek to work there.

During my library tenure I worked as a clerk, a desk receptionist, and at one time I was even the institution’s law clerk. I loved my bosses, and I loved the job and in the prison universe it’s rare to have both.

I met Underdog many years ago. He’s a good friend. He has written for this blog again and again, and I admire his ability to continue forward despite his incredibly long sentence. He’s a positive light in a dark environment.


I Am The Library Guy
By Underdog

I recently finished reading Christopher’s book of blog posts, and I really enjoyed it. What a great window into the prison world for families and friends, and others on the outside.

I met Christopher 15 years ago when I started working in the library here at Madison Correctional. The library is the spot for me. I worked at a university library before I got locked up, and I was lucky enough to work in the library at Lebanon Correctional Institution (OH) almost the entire time I was there.

The library plays an important function in here as a source of information and rumor control. For me the library is an oasis in a desert of stress and tension. Working there makes it possible for me to help other guys. I can find an address for a clerk of courts, help find a book, renew an overdue book, put in a request for an inter-library loan, refer patrons to reference, reentry or law sources, help make photo copies (e.g. updated commissary price list), and other assorted tasks. This puts me in a good spot in the prison hierarchy Christopher wrote about. Guys know they can come to me with questions, and I will follow through. I don’t do this as a hustle, I consider it part of my job. Also, being in this position guys pretty much overlook that I am a sex offender. I’ve established a valuable niche for myself–I’m The Library Guy.

Underdog (MaCI) (OH)

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