*A Note from the Administrator

For the regulars who visit this blog, you may be wondering where this week’s post is, as Monday is usually the day for a fresh post. So, what happened?

Christopher sends his blog posts to me via JPay email (this company is mentioned in one of his more recent posts, Captured Clientele), and I then put them up on the page and hit ‘publish’ every Monday. However, though I’ve received word that this week’s post was indeed sent days ago, I have yet to receive it (it was even re-sent, to no avail). This is a frequent issue with JPay email. Days–even weeks–will sometimes pass before an email is delivered. This illustrates well what Christopher speaks of in the above mentioned post regarding the service.

So, in lieu of a regular post from Christopher, I am taking the liberty to show you what some of JPay’s users have had to say recently about the service, to help you see for yourself what Christopher has spoken of. These are comments that have posted to the JPay Facebook page between October 8th and 9th, 2019, and are screenshots from a sea of 143 comments expressing annoyance and exasperation over JPay’s video visitation and email service:

Can you feel the frustration?


Next Monday, perhaps?

The Administrator

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