#9: Video Fridays in Sixty Seconds — Christmas, Political Drama, and Angel Tree

Ah, the week before Christmas! This week was your typical end of year holiday week around here. There are cheerful guys and frumpy ones, mopey guys and suspiciously happy ones. The guys that are happy are easy to spot, the suspiciously happy even more so (they’re UNUSUALLY chatty). As for the guys that are frumpy and mopey? That’s another story. (I wrote a little about these in my holiday post Cry Baby, Santa and the Easter Bunny). Needless to say, I drew a wide path around the chaos. Does it faze me? Nah. The holidays here are what you choose them to be. I choose zen.

Me, I’m excited! Not for Christmas–nah. I’m excited that we’re close to the end of the daily live drama of our bitching elected officials, and that I’ll be able to watch television again. Finally. Finally!

Before I go, please remember that for the children of incarcerated parents, the holidays aren’t always so happy. The nationwide nonprofit organization Angel Tree is active this time of the year providing gifts for the children of incarcerated parents, and I’ve witnessed the joy Angel Tree brings. Consider donating toys or making a monetary donation to Angel Tree. Your act of kindness will make a world of difference in someone’s life this Christmas.

*If you like the endless political drama on both sides of the Atlantic, then I think you will LOVE my recent post Same Old Song and Dance. As for those of you who can’t stomach that stuff any longer, do check out Who Do You Love? or A Cat Called Bump–and smile. It’s the holidays!


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