#11: Video Fridays in Sixty Seconds — A Rightful Assassination, and New Guest Writer James P. Keihl, II

If you’ve been following my writings you already know that I am a keen observer of world events. For those of you who’ve recently discovered my writings, check out my posts in the International category titled: “So it was, so it is and so it shall be,” “Hotel California,” and “Same Old Song and Dance.” The assassination of Iran’s top general Qaasam Soleimani has sparked a lot of controversy, but frankly it was long over due. This man was directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American troops.

The Iranian military response was carefully crafted not to set off a U.S. counter-strike. It’s not surprising really, for despite all their bluster and chants of “death to America,” it shows what the Iranian leadership has always valued most: staying in power.

Also, this week I present to you the writings from a new guest writer, a friend of mine named James P. Keihl, II. He’s serving a murder sentence and has been incarcerated for more than 25 years. During this time he has published two books, “A Day In the Life Of A Lifer” and “Tales From the Inside: Prison Poetry.” His essay today is about how he spends his time, and is yet another slice from This World. You can read his writing here.

It has been an interesting week on the world stage. The U.S./Iran saga is far from over. I fully expect both sides to take a brief step back with Iran returning to its nefarious ways in short order if history is any guide.

There was a technical glitch with the link to D.E.’s guest writing in the post “I’m D.E., A Sex Offender” but the problem has been fixed. If you were unable to read it, check it out again now here. I have more guest writings to come on a diverse range of topics, written by both inmates and free citizens.

*I’m big on world events, and I’m unapologetic when it comes to our troops and patriotism. I thank everyone who has served and made it possible for us to continue to enjoy the freedoms we do. Share this and my other posts in the International category with other patriotic Americans. I may poke fun at politics and our leaders, but I sure as hell won’t ever side with someone like Soleimani as some of my peers here are happy to do.


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  1. Mom Rosie

    Hi Chris, Thank you for Jimmy’s guest writing. I will be following everything from now on. You both have grown in many positive ways. I will keep praying for you both and all the others I know there. Keep up the great work 👍. Mom Rosie

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