About the Categories of LettersFromChristopher.com

Those of you who regularly follow these writings are probably familiar with each Letters From Christopher category. For those of you who aren’t, I offer this brief run down:

1st Times: Every post is about a first time moment in my incarceration. You’ll read about The First Day and moments like The First Time Going To Medical and The First Fight amongst many others.

Addictions: Stories and essays about addictions and people who suffer from them. Try They’re Your Friends & Neighbors.

Angels: Stories about people who are Angels in This World. See the heart breaking post Ryleigh Payne, An Angel Returns Home.

Beginnings: Everything has a beginning. These are some of them.

By Unfair Means: This is the first part of the first volume of a criminal justice series I’m writing. The series aims to foster understanding between correctional staff and inmates, and how staff can sieze upon moments of rule infraction to help inmates rather than punish them, and by so doing create moments where the path to rehabilitation may begin.

Children In Prison: Stories and essays about children and life behind bars. Check out Visiting Your Children While Incarcerated.

Guest Writings: Essays and short stories written by men (see I’m D.E. A Sex Offender) and women (see The Lives Of Women Behind Bars) incarcerated across the U.S. These also include essays and stories centering around incarceration submitted by free world citizens (see The Promise of Psychedelics In Incarceration Or A Proposed Alternative).

In This World: “In This World” is what I call prison. Every story and essay in this category centers around prison life in some way. Learn how to survive in Prison Hustles Make The World Go Round and see how inmates communicate in First Time Grapevine.

Incarceration: General stories and essays about incarceration. Start with Grieving in Fast Forward.

International: Posts that contain subject matter of international interest. Score one for the Good Guys in Enforcing A Red Line.

Monsters: Monsters that I’ve met along my incarceration journey. Read about a psychopath in Buddy.

Ohio Director Of Prisons: Posts with subject matter concerning the Ohio Director of Prisons: The Director of Ohio Prisons, and An Unpopular Path But The Right Thing to Do.

Pivotal Moments: Moments during incarceration that have influenced my direction. Enjoy a little fun with Friday: Moonwalking With Einstein.

Rehabilitation: Stories and Essays that touch on rehabilitation in some way. Try Captured Clientele and Visiting Your Children While Incarcerated and Inmates Should Be Allowed Higher Education.

The Holidays: Yeah, we still celebrate them. Read: Cry Baby, Santa, and the Easter Bunny.

Training Dogs: Stories and essays about my experience handling and training dogs during my incarceration. Read about the smartest dog in the world in Who Do You Love? and see some of these beautiful creatures in For The Love Of Dog!

Video Fridays In 60 Seconds: Every Friday I post two 30 second videos on a wide range of topics. Here I often introduce new guest writers (like in #21: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — New Guest Writer C.H.: A Love Letter For Loss) and present the writings of others. Video Fridays In 60 Seconds is a one on one with me and you.



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