#33: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — Sex Addictions: “Lost In Darkness” (continued), and Back To Overcrowding

This is a photo of an oil painting by an inmate in Ohio. He donated the painting to Epiphany Ministries where it was then auctioned. This same inmate created the painting commemorating the life of 7 year old Ryleigh Payne, in the 16 December 2019 post.

The first posting of a long running essay titled “Lost In Darkness,” about one sex offender’s problem with sex addiction, was published on 23 December 2019 in the post I’m D.E., a Sex Offender. Then in Video Fridays In 60 Seconds #10, and again in #18. Today I’m posting the second to last installment of D.E.’s essay “Lost In Darkness,” which you can read here.

Since writing I’m D.E., a Sex Offender, I’ve heard from a number of people. Several survivors of sex abuse have offered positive input, while others have had mixed feelings. As a victim myself, I’ve struggled with wanting to continue with D.E.’s essay. Overcoming negative feelings has taken me a life time. D.E.’s essay isn’t for everyone.

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