#18: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — Coronavirus Spreads, D.E. Posts Again

Distribution of COVID-19 cases worldwide, provided by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

This Monday in Coronavirus Pandemic Is Here I laid out the current situation we find ourselves in with the coronavirus (COVID-19). On Tuesday, 25 February 2020, U.S. officials finally sounded the alarm about this virus, saying what readers of this blog have known for weeks now: it’s deadly, it’s coming, get prepared. I was surprised when an expert on the world news finally stated publicly that this virus is far deadlier than the flu.

On Wednesday, 26 February, President Trump and representatives from the CDC held a prime time news conference in an effort to allay public fears over coronavirus. Why has the government suddenly changed its tune and decided to sound the alarm? What is it that changed their minds?

Earlier in the week, Regional CDC Director Robert Quigley let slip an important detail that answers this question. The following day the CDC attempted to ‘clarify’ his statement. On Monday, 02 March 2020, I will cover this in detail. In the last 4 days, 18 more nations have reported new cases of coronavirus, for more than 50 countries. Why is the World Health Organization still refusing to declare this a pandemic? THIS IS A PANDEMIC. Don’t wait for officials to pull their heads from the sand to act.

Now is the time to stock up on medications and necessities needed through a sickness. Act now before everyone else suddenly realizes they should, because by then it’ll be too late. Stores will run out of medical supplies.

On another note, those of you who have read I’m D.E. A Sex Offender, a post about sexual addiction, and have followed D.E.’s guest essay can now read the next installment here. D.E. is convicted of child sex crimes and the subject matter may not be appropriate for all readers.

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting new guest essays, these from professionals who follow Letters From Christopher. You’ll discover proposed alternatives to helping offenders find that proper path in life again, and in another you will read about a phenomenon that has impacted millions of us across the world and may hold the key to helping us all. Truly exciting stuff to come. I can’t wait!

*The Coronavirus is here. Don’t wait until everyone else suddenly realizes this before preparing. By then it will be to late. Share this post with everyone.


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