#38: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — Coronavirus Infects Dorms of Inmates

Every Video Fridays in 60 Seconds post features an art or craft piece created by an inmate. Today’s image is by inmate Luke Pelham. You can find more of his artwork, and other inmate artwork, at writeaprisoner.com. You can also find a collection of all the art and crafts featured in Video Fridays and throughout this blog by visiting the gallery listed in the menu up top.

Hundreds of inmates here are on quarantine, and nearly 225* have tested positive. There are so many positive cases that the entire gym has been cleared and refitted with beds to house them. To make things worse, no one is telling us anything. So we are all left to wonder and worry. The lack of communication is causing unnecessary suspicion and distrust amongst the guys here, and I’m baffled at it all. If someone would appraise all of us I think there would be understanding and collective action. There’s no containment of the virus, and some of the symptomatic cases have become life threateningly ill. By this time next week we will likely have lost lives here.

The statistics on the state website are inaccurate and lag the facts on the ground. It appears as if the data is 24-36 hours old. Concerning my facility, there is inaccurate data at this time. WBNS 10 News recently aired facts about my facility stating that we have the most positive cases out of any institution in Ohio at this time. Just last week we only a dozen cases.

I will continue to write about this nightmare as it unfolds.

I’m sorry this Monday’s post didn’t make it. JPay is at fault here, and as you follow my writings you’ll come to realize how bad their network and services are.

This coming Monday there’s a new guest writer! His name is Justin A. His essay is titled Nowhere To Go But Up, and he writes about an issue that impacts every inmate in every institution in Ohio. Read it carefully. Consider his words because the issue directly affects how courts, parole boards, and other agencies perceive one’s rehabilitation.


*Since the recording of today’s videos the number of positive inmate coronavirus cases in Christopher’s facility has increased from 150 to 225.

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