#18: Video Fridays in 60 Seconds — Coronavirus Spreads, D.E. Posts Again

Distribution of COVID-19 cases worldwide, provided by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

This Monday in Coronavirus Pandemic Is Here I laid out the current situation we find ourselves in with the coronavirus (COVID-19). On Tuesday, 25 February 2020, U.S. officials finally sounded the alarm about this virus, saying what readers of this blog have known for weeks now: it’s deadly, it’s coming, get prepared. I was surprised when an expert on the world news finally stated publicly that this virus is far deadlier than the flu.

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#10: Video Fridays in Sixty Seconds — Letters, and Sex Addictions, Part 2

In my December 23, 2019 post titled “I’m D.E., A Sex Offender,” I posted the first part of D.E.’s guest writing about his sex addiction. Today I am posting the second part of his essay, and you can read it here. It is very difficult for him to bare himself to the world, and he writes whenever he has the courage to do so. I commend him for confronting his problems. We all have our own, don’t we? Offering you his essay is part of his rehabilitation. I’ll post the next part of his essay in next week’s Video Fridays In 60 Seconds, along with that of a new guest writer!

Before I go, a number of the guys that I’ve asked to write guest essays have said to me that they want to, but don’t believe anyone cares about them or what they’d have to say. Sadly, this is a common perception amongst inmates. It’s born from the cold, impersonal experience of incarceration.

Part of addressing incarceration is to encourage public discourse and understanding. Each post and each guest essay is a snapshot into the reality and challenge of incarceration. Please share these writings with others.

*You may contact any one of my guest writers by addressing them via email through the contact option on this page.


“I’m D.E., a Sex Offender”

image credit: Steve Johnson

In the world of addictions, seldomly do we seriously consider sex an addiction. The term “addictions” tends to conjure up thoughts of drugs or alcohol, but addictions span so much more than that. We can be addicted to just about anything. Some of us are addicted to the Internet and social media, while others are addicted to more ‘traditional’ vices.

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